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Lead by former Public Works Director, Amy Amirani, CivilSource is a civil engineering consulting firm serving municipal, special district, industrial and private sector clients. We offer a large network of professional consultants with expertise in a variety of engineering fields. Our staff and network include licensed engineers and architects, certified inspectors, geotechnical surveyors and experienced public works professionals. Our clients can rest assured that any given problem, regardless of project size or complexity, will be resolved by skilled and professional individuals.Offering a large network of professionals with expertise in a variety of engineering fields, our team includes licensed civil and geotechnical engineers, certified inspectors, surveyors, and experienced public works professionals.

CivilSource was founded by Amy Amirani in 2006 and is incorporated as a California corporation. As Owner and President, Ms. Amirani has guided CivilSource to rapid growth and proven success through delivery of projects on schedule and within budget. A former public works director, her first-hand knowledge of municipal processes relating to all types of public works projects has helped CivilSource establish solid relationships with public agencies and special districts throughout southern California.

Our mission is to provide exceptional client service, in a cost effective and innovative manner, which guarantees quality and responsive service.

Ms. Amirani has over 30 years of civil engineering experience including leading teams in providing design engineering services, construction management and inspection services for municipalities throughout southern California; project scheduling and cost management over large, complex public works projects; and formerly being the Public Works Director for both the cities of Hermosa Beach and San Juan Capistrano. As the Principal of CivilSource, Ms. Amirani provides unique and unrivaled experience in design and construction management which has proven successful for many projects.

Ms. Amirani was awarded the Capistrano Bay Women of Distinction in 2005, and has served as the President of APWA in 2001 and the President of the City and County Engineers Association for LA County in 1997.